A detailed guide to Velas Turtle Festival 2020 tour from Mumbai and Pune

11th March, 2020

About Velas

Velas is one of the most beautiful villages in the pristine coastline of Maharashtra located in Ratnagiri district. Olive ridley turtle's which were declared endangered come to lay their eggs on the Velas beach every year. To protect this endangered turtle species, Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra (SNM) and Kasav Mitra Mandal (KMM) - NGO's with Marines Conservation Society joined hands to start their conservation in Maharashtra. Their volunteers ensure these turtle's eggs and hatchlings are safely released in the ocean during this festival. The aim of organizing this turtle festival is to spread awareness about eco-tourism among tourists and villagers. Tourists from all over India gather to witness the discharge of baby turtles. Velas has become one of the hotspots for tourism in Maharashtra. 

Key Highlights:

◆ Witness Hatchlings of Olive Ridley Turtles

◆ Beautiful Velas Beach

◆ Birthplace of Nana Phadanvis

◆ Bankot Fort

◆ Harihareshwar Temple and Beach

◆ Shrivardhan beach

◆ Traditional Home Stay

◆ Konkani style food

Things to do at Velas turtle festival

1. See the hatchlings of the baby turtles crawling towards the sea.

2. Indulge in eco-touristic activities arranged by the locals at the village. Spend time with the volunteers to know more about it.

3. Enjoy the authentic Konkani style meal and fresh and organic fruits at the village.

4. Spend your best leisure time at the beach-side rural style homestays. This will probably be the best thing you could ever do.

5. Go for a short trek to Bankot Fort which is well marked from Bankot village.

6. Visit Shri Rameshwar and Kalbhairav temple.

7. Have some fun at Harihareshwar beach and Shrivardhan beach which are amongst the popular beaches in the Konkan belt.

Best time to visit Velas 

Hatching of the Olive ridley turtles starts from mid-February till mid-April. Though the dates are tentative, to know more one must contact locals or the tour organizers.

Who should come for the Velas turtle festival?

The wanderers- to experience local culture, the photographers - to click some beautiful pictures of newborn life, the office goers - to forget the stress and breathe some fresh air, the foodies - to experience the authentic Konkani food and the families- who loves to spend quality time. This festival is for all types of people.