Kalsubai trek

22nd June, 2020
Kalsubai peak is the highest peak in the Maharashtra, which is at 5400 feet above sea
level. Watch the sunrise from the highest peak, reach the summit walking under the
moonlight. Relax beneath billions of stars shining above you, marching through the
clouds, staying between the greens and the blues. Experiencing every fantastic change
happening around you, hearing the silence, and creating the best memories of your life
in the mountains. Kalsubai Shikhar located in Bari village, which is the base village of
the peak. Bari village is near Bhandardhara, which falls under the Ahmednagar region.
The Kalsubai Trek best time to visit is during monsoon and post-monsoon. For the
sunrise trek, you need to visit in Summer and Winter. The place serves some exclusive,
serene, and adventure of life. Layers and layers of fog cover the peak in monsoon
season. The cool breezes in winter with warm sunrise is a fantastic moment for one.
Moonlight sets the mood, and the stars are making your soul shine bright on night treks.
In summer, the dramatic sunrise after an incredible thrilling night journey to the top of
the mountain is fantastic. It is impressive to watch the rays coming over the horizon and
make us feel the actual worth of the climb. Pre-monsoon and post-monsoon give one of
the incomparable sights as the pre-monsoon makes the weather turn a bit pleasant, and
post-monsoon welcomes you with the greens scattered all around with wildflowers
everywhere. Monsoon season makes the trial a bit more challenging as the trail gets
slippery, which creates difficulty in hiking. Kalsubai falls under a moderate grade level